At The Meadow Barn by Country Orchards in Sioux Falls, we believe weddings should be fabulous, fun affairs! Our sweethearts wish for a magical and romantic day that surpasses all other days! That is why we offer so many different inclusions and add-ons. One of our favorites and most charming is …. ALPACA’S! in addition to Alpaca Kisses and Sweetheart wishes!

Korbel and Mocha

Yes, yes, you heard that correctly. You can add on our alpacas for photos or for cocktail hour entertainment.

Korbel and Mocha are the stars of every cocktail hour! They love being fed snacks, ear scratches, and being told words of love and encouragement!

Aren’t these guys freaking adorable!? (The couple I mean…)

They are an instant hit with kids and adults alike.

Plus, they make for the cutest, most unique wedding pictures imaginable. I mean, how many people do you know have alpacas in their wedding photos?


What is an alpaca exactly? (Don’t worry, we had to look it up too!)

Alpaca’s are basically small camels, often confused for llamas. According to Britannica, they are smaller than llamas with blunt faces and short ears. Alpacas hair is shaggier and vary between whites and yellows, browns and blacks! They are very social and love being around each other. They form family groups and will do anything to be together! We found this to be especially true over the last weekend, as they were continually escaping their enclosures to get to each other! (And everyone releases a simultaneous, “AHHHHHH!”).

You are forewarned! These darling creatures might steal all the attention of your big day! Alpaca Kisses and Sweetheart Wishes