Greg’s Favorite Cocktail

Next up on our favorite cocktails and mocktails is Greg Jones! Greg is a co-owner along with Katie! Greg and Katie were both the previous owners of With A Twist Bartending, so they definitely know their liquor! While Katie’s favorite cocktail was a Spring Sling (find her recipe here), Greg’s favorite cocktail is the Drumshanbo Gunpower Gin and Tonic.

We know a Gin and Tonic is pretty self-explanatory. The recipe is simply just gin and tonic. What makes this cocktail so yummy? It is the Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin! According to their website, Drumshanbo Gin is made from “oriental botanicals, gunpowder tea, and Irish curiosity”. This exotic gin will be an adventure for your taste buds and will elevate your drinking experience.

For a mocktail alternative, try our Orchard Punch Fizz! The Orchard Punch is a favorite at our properties. During fall, our apple punch is made from freshly squeezed apples from the orchard itself (off season punch is made from freshly squeezed apples but not from the orchard). The Orchard Punch fizz is a mix of our super, secret Orchard Punch  recipe and a splash of soda water, garnished with slices of apples from the orchard (seasonal) and mint! It sounds refreshingly divine!

Our Drumshanbo Gin and Tonic and our Orchard Punch Fizz are great beverages that will compliment any event you are hosting at The Meadow Barn or The Veranda! Your guests will be sure to remember your big day with these hosted mocktail and cocktail.

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