My Favorite Cocktail #2

This week’s My Favorite Cocktail choice is from one of our favorite Facility Mangers: Lana Buehler! Lana has been with The Meadow Barn for two summers now and can attest to the deliciousness of her favorite cocktail: The Harvest Sangria! This is a Country Orchard secret recipe so we obviously cannot post it over the internet! What we can say is that the Harvest Sangria is a delicious concoction of red wine, freshly squeezed apples, and a few other super-secret ingredients. This sangria is also available with white wine if you prefer. During fall, we even add in freshly sliced apples from the orchard! Now that is super cool!

For our non-alcohol drinkers, we offer Orchard Punch! This is a great add-on regardless of if your guests are heavy drinkers or not! This cult-classic is also a super-secret recipe and made from freshly pressed apples (just like our sangria’s). This punch can include freshly sliced apples from the Orchard during fall as well!

Both of our orchard beverages are served cold and are the perfect add on for those hot summer days! Whether your guests are on the dance floor boogying or enjoying the scenery on our patios, they will be thrilled and inspired by these special beverages!

At The Meadow Barn and The Veranda, we offer fully stocked bars with liquor, wine, and beer. We also offer non-alcoholic beverages ranging from sodas and juice to our Infusion Bar and custom mocktails. Contact us to see how we can customize your fabulous affair! We are currently booking 2021 and 2022 dates!