I know what you’re thinking… this posts wrecks of big box stores putting out Christmas décor too early. It’s July. Most people aren’t even thinking of winter. Yet, here we are, trying to shove snow and mistletoe down your throats while Jingle Bells Rock plays in the background.
Listen, we get it. Winter is far off and no one is day dreaming about eggnog yet. With that being said, right now, is the perfect time to book your winter wedding wonderland with The Meadow Barn!

Winter is a spectral time at the orchard. All things slow down, allowing magic to run untamed through the trees and seep through crevices of The Meadow Barn. It hides in the corners and up in the timber beams waiting to shine for those willing to look. The magic of winter is unbeatable. We host many winter weddings here at The Meadow Barn and each of them are mystical and magical events.

We have yet to see any décor that doesn’t compliment our timber frame and crystal chandeliers. Some of our favorites include pine cones and pine needles, white birch tree, and evergreen logs. If you choose to have your ceremony outside – which is always an option – offering a cozy blanket for your guests is a great way to ensure everyone stays warm. (Is anyone else getting strong Pheobe wedding vibes?) Deep burgundy and forest green have been popular color schemes in the past. We also love the crystal blue mixed with gray and light green.

Perhaps, you enjoy brighter colors and so, believe a winter wedding isn’t for you. Don’t fret! Winter weddings come in all colors (like we said, they are magical and therefore, can be whatever you wish!). Moody jewel tones may be perfect for you! These include deep red jewel tones with hints of black and dark grey. We also love golden yellow and white dogwood blush! It is an alternative for a winter wedding, but this color scheme adds contrast to the whites, greens, and burgundies.

Are neither of those options your cup of hot cocoa? Perhaps a crystalline theme is more your style. Gray and silver undertones, winter wonderland décor, and crystal snowflake boutonnieres will have your guests dreaming of winter getaways. We love the fur shawls for bridesmaids, long sleeve wedding dresses for the bride, and the classic black tuxes for the groom. Complete your look with illuminated glass earrings and hair pieces! Plus, this is the perfect wedding to send out overly glimmered invites!

Photo by Brianne Nichole Photography

No matter the theme you choose, The Meadow Barn is a sure win for your winter wedding! You can check out our Pinterest board for more frosty, wintertime ideas!

We are currently booking winter wedding at The Meadow Barn. Check out our calendar or contact us for available dates!

We promise your winter wedding will be an extraordinary magical affair!