The 2020 pandemic, and subsequent shut downs, changed the world. The wedding industry was no exception. March 2020 brought all big gathering and celebrations to a halt and the following months led to even more cancelations and rescheduling. Brides across the world had mini-ceremonies that were streamed over social media or zoom with hopes of rescheduling their reception in the following years.  Others canceled or postponed their wedding indefinitely, praying for the end of the pandemic. With states reopening, mask mandates ending, and shelves restocking with Lysol, brides are collectively breathing a sigh of relief. One of the big changes we’ve seen in the industry is microweddings.

What is a Microwedding?

A microwedding is a smaller wedding that has up to 50 guests (that number comes from the gathering restrictions put on many states in 2020). According to The Knot, microweddings usually consist of close family and friends. They are budget friendly affairs for couples who aren’t into the big hoopla! Now with the COVID-19 restrictions lifting, the number of guests invited to microweddings has increased to between 75 and 100. These mini weddings are a great way to make your day more intimate!

Are Microweddings cheaper?

While microweddings have less guests, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheaper. Many couples splurge on open bars, exuberant meals, or over the top decorations. These are definite perks of a smaller wedding, but they can add up quickly. With that being said, microweddings can be cheaper if you so desire. Consider having a cash bar, simple decorations, and filling meals instead. After all no one will remember the open bar or the cascading floral arrangement on every chair. What your guests will remember is being invited to celebrate your big day. That is special in and of itself.

Another way to save on your microwedding is to celebrate on a non-traditional wedding day. Many couples are choosing Friday or Sunday weddings. Other brides are choosing weekdays to get married. These non-traditional wedding days work better for microweddings, as the people you will be inviting already plan on taking time off for your big day. Also, many venues offer cheaper rates when it comes to non-traditional wedding days!


The Veranda by The Meadow Barn 

Now that restrictions are lifting and you’re able to gather in groups of more than 50, your microwedding guest list has room to expand. The Veranda by The Meadow Barn is the perfect place to host your microwedding. It is an intimate, romantic venue with beautiful and lush landscaping and enough room for up to 250 guests. With a full bar, prep kitchen, bridal loft, and groom suite, The Veranda offers all the benefits of a large wedding. You’ll enjoy your day with all the perks and will be able to keep your affair simple yet charming.


If you are planning a smaller wedding, contact us today to see what days we have available for you!